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October 23, 2008

Liberalism & Greed

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I’m getting totally annoyed by the use of the word “greed” everywhere. People throw it around as if they know what it means, or they toss it into any discussion in order to denigrate capitalism and conservatives.

Liberal ideology, also known as progressive thought, rests on a 300 year-old premise that all people are born with a natural desire to help others. Fundamentally flawed when it was first proposed, Romanticism holds that the group is the natural state of human existence, not the individual. Therefore, group (i.e., society) needs are higher, better, stronger, and more valuable than individual self-interest.

The belief in altrusim, which essentially is denying one’s own values in favor of someone else’s misery, has been around for so long it’s almost never questioned. Ayn Rand questionned it in her book, “The Virtue of Selfishness,” but so few people read books these days.

Today’s Democrats hold altruism as the core basis for their platforms and agendas. It’s an unstated premise, we’re just supposed to assume that “giving back to the community,” redistributing wealth, and helping those in need is “natural” and “normal.” All this comes under the heading of “compassion.”

When anyone questions the nature and meaning of so-called compassion, they’re told that the opposite is greed. So once again, liberals have created an artificial binary option. Either you care at all about other people, or you’re greedy and despise other people. Nothing in between.

The fact is that the opposite of altruism is charity!

Altruism is the forced demand that “those who have” must (at the point of a gun) give to “those who need.” It’s the basic communist credo, put into practice in government as socialism. The operative word is “force.”

Charity, on the other hand, is to offer help from a wellspring of abundance. If we’re doing well, having plenty of life’s necessities and luxuries, almost everyone will look around and want to help others better enjoy life. But it all begins with the individual first taking care of his or her own life!

Way too many people believe that the opposite of altruism (wrongly called compassion) is greed. It’s not only untrue, but that assumption, unquestionned as are so many assumptions, is driving today’s elections.

Greed is the accumulation of such excess that it can’t be used by the person doing the hoarding. Isn’t it odd that OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) seems to be on the rise? “Hoarding” and problems such as anorexia and bulemia have part of their roots in this psychological disorder. And they’re called exactly that; disorders, by the psycholgists and academics.

It’s a small step to link plain greed with OCD and hoarding disorders. From there, anyone can claim that greed is also a fundamental disorder. The “natural” and implied “healthy” state is to be altruistic. Anyone who doesn’t sacrifice their own values for the good of society is therefore diseased and ill. That would be Republicans and conservatives.

All of this is utter, unmitigated, hypocritical hogwash! It’s only pathetic that given modern education, so few people have any interest in what’s taking place. If it turns out that the liberals take control of Congress in 2008, then I think we, as a country, will deserve everything we get.

Everywhere we look, in all the media channels, across the culture, we’re being played for suckers. All of us have a charitable nature, as long as we can choose when and how to offer help, in what form and to what degree. Liberals know this, and by clever manipulation of that nature, show us never-ending examples of pain and misery. When we can’t eliminate the world’s pain, we feel guilty.

It’s that guilt that modern Democrats play on, over and over. It’s the feeling of poverty and misery they call up when looking for voters. Class envy rests on the belief that anyone who keeps any portion of what they’ve created is greedy. Self-interest has been perverted to mean hoarding.

The one thing about reality that everyone wants to ignore or forget is that it’s real. Make a big mistake in the real world, and you get killed. Natural selection is a process, not a mentality. Badly designed processes in reality are eliminated. As such, if America moves in to socialism, which has failed everywhere it’s ever been tried, we won’t be able to weep and whine, wringing our hands and demand a do-over.

If this country fails, it will be because the majority of ignorant citizens enthusiastically voted to bring about the destruction. In the court of reality and natural selection, ignorance and stupidity mean nothing. Realization after the fact means nothing. Failure has no recourse. It’s not like high school where we take a test over again, or get graded on a curve.



  1. While I respect your commentary since I’ve mentioned repeatedly that I feel that you use a great deal of intelligence in your posts, What you’re describing above for “liberals” could just as easily be described for the actions of “conservatives”.

    I’ve watched this election closely. I can tell you that the reason Mccain is losing is because he thinks the base he thinks he plays to is stupid, uneducated, and in some cases racist. He in fact talks down to his base. His problem is that in reality, there are many, many highly educated, highly critical Republicans who want to see how a leader uses their judgment to handle situations. Mccain’s approach is to preach to the lowest on the totem pole while ignoring the rest.

    He plays to “Joe the Plumber” and ” real Americans” -for whatever that means, which is stupid given that the bulk of the US now lives in major metros and not in the sticks. On top of that, he elects a super-extremist, overly-religious VP who can’t even properly explain the duties of the VP herself, yet goes on to claim that “Obama isn’t qualfied”.

    I grew up in the sticks. I know what Mccain is trying to do, which is to strike fear into what he assumes is a much larger chunk of the population than actually exists. Anyone looking for actual intelligent conversation other than ” He’s a liberal!”, or “He buddy-buddies around with terrorists!” will find none. The truth is that the US has changed greatly in the last 4-5 years. We are a country that more properly understands the international community. Simply standing on a podium, screaming ” USA! USA!” and using old-fashioned political tactics to sell yourself in the modern day will fail.

    So perhaps liberals in some ways talk it up. But This election proves to me that the US is a lot smarter than people- including Mccain- give it credit for. Leaders have to act like leaders.

    Comment by bob — October 23, 2008 @ 6:16 pm | Reply

  2. McCain is a liberal, by ideology, not a conservative. Never make the mistake of confusing conservatives with a political party. There are conservative Democrats just as there are liberal Republicans, such as McCain.

    But this article is more about the complete failure to properly assign the antonym to “altruism.” Calling it greed was first done by economists, later picked up by liberal ideologues because it suits their purpose. Greed is greed across all human experiences, with recent banking scandals showing how greed and business cross all party lines.

    Note that liberals tend to favor government welfare programs, where conservatives prefer private charitable organizations. Government programs are forced, where charities are chosen. The application of force by the state is endemic to both Republican and Democratic politicians.

    Comment by Punchinello — October 23, 2008 @ 7:04 pm | Reply

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