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October 21, 2008


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How fast does the soul move? People talk about how a person or thing (and I would assume, also a soul) vibrates at some frequency. They say that the higher the vibrational frequency, the better the quality of whatever it is. So let’s suppose a soul is a separate aspect of a person. Does it vibrate faster? Is it better than that person?

We could suppose that a soul, being closer to perfection would vibrate at a very high frequency. We could also suppose that here in the physical world we don’t have instruments capable of capturing that frequency, right?

It makes for an interesting speculation, but let’s think about excitement. When you get excited, the odds are you also talk faster. You’re energized, you get an adrenaline rush, and you start going on a mile a minute.

I’m thinking if you’re excited, thinking of good stuff and you’re talking faster, then your soul likely would talk even faster! How come we can’t hear what it’s saying? Wouldn’t life be a whole lot easier if we could just get some clarity here?

Suppose this fast-talking is a function of frequency, quality, goodness, energy, and perfection. We can imagine a dimension of the universe where everything is moving so fast it vanishes from our simple physical perceptions. We already know that when light goes faster than a certain frequency we can’t see it. We can use machines to detect it, but we can’t see it.

Hm…but what if the soul moves at a very, very, very slow speed?

Think about an earthquake, whales, and subsonics. Many times, when something is vastly huge and gigantic (not to be redundant or repeat myself repeatedly or anything), if it makes a sound it’s very low and slow. What’s the sound of one hand clapping? Whatever it is, it’s at such a slow frequency, we’d feel it as only wind.

Trees live for hundreds of years across time, so what sound do they make when they’re talking? Suppose there’s a frequency of 1 cycle per 120 years: Since a typical human being lives less than that time span, how would we know there’s a sound? The cycle wouldn’t yet have completed between all the years we’re alive.

Imagine a single note, a sound. That note is so loud, and so deep, it generates a wave across the entire dimension of time. It ripples across eternity, the fabric of the universe. Although to eternity the sound is just a quick note, visualize that note as a wave. It might begin sometime during the early Roman Empire and form a peak and trough extending all the way through the American Revolution.

Would anyone hear it? Would any machine hear it? But that entire time, much of human history, would be only a blink of an eye compared to the age of the entire planet Earth. And the planet’s whole existence is hardly a second in relation to the age of the universe.

If the soul is really really huge, then maybe it moves really really slowly. Then there’s the whole eternity thing. If a soul is eternal, meaning it exists across the entire dimension of time, then it doesn’t need to move very quickly at all. In fact, it might not move at all, since movement is a relationship between distance and time. If the soul is outside of time, can it move?

Maybe the reason we can’t hear information coming from the soul is that it’s just too slow. Even that one note that, to us, lasts hundreds of years would sound to an eternal being like a quick squeak, if even that.

Isn’t it interesting that the more patient we become, the more we also improve our intuition? A lot of people think that intuition is partly communication from this higher self of ours, the soul.

To learn patience, many philosophies teach very slow, repetitive movement, done with precise intent and focus. The more slowly we move, with better precision, the more perfectly we learn the movements. Later, when we’ve perfectly accomplished these tasks, we can begin to do them faster, speeding up and relying on perfected habits.

We should quieten ourselves, becoming still like the smooth surface of the waters. In that stillness, we presumably will hear the voice of the soul. Will it be very low, slow and ponderous? Or will it be high, squeaky, and tiny?

Imagine the life of a May fly. Its whole life takes place in a single day. It’s here, then gone, almost in the blink of an eye. To us, it zips into existence, then pops right out of existence. Then imagine your whole life in relation to all of eternity. To a soul, we zip into existence, then pop right out of existence, almost in the blink of an eye.

And wouldn’t THAT be a fine howdy’a do, if our entire concept of hierarchies was upside down! Maybe they would become “lowerarchies?” Instead of moving higher and higher toward heaven, the realm of the soul, we should be moving lower and lower? But that can’t be right. We all know where we’d end up if THAT were the case!

Maybe this whole thing about patience is to slow ourselves down enough that we might get the first inkling of some kind of communication coming from the soul. On the other hand, what would music be like if there weren’t any quiet spaces between the notes? Maybe the soul just doesn’t have anything to say at the moment. (Probably leaving all the blabbety-mouthing to me and everyone else doing blogs!)

I can just see it now: “So, like, um…God? How come we haven’t heard from you in, like, ages?”

“Well my people, er…uh…I guess I just didn’t have anything in particular to talk about. Y’know, I’m kind of shy and retiring. I got yelled at a lot for being loud and thunderous, back in the Old Testament, so I have a lot of baggage. Tell ya what, lemme get back to you on that, okay?”


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