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October 1, 2008

Sarah Palin: What’s the Joke?

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Everywhere I turn I hear radio and TV broadcasters telling me that Governor Palin is a “joke.” Liberals on forums, in blogs, or in everyday encounters tell me that Sarah Palin is a “joke.” She’s “dumb,” “stupid,” and so forth. Then there are the SNL sketches, comedy routines, and so forth going on and on about the “joke.”

The problem is I can’t seem to get anyone to explain the underlying reasoning or any kind of basis. It’s like talking to a two yearold who tells me that, “Jill at school is a booboo-head poop-face. She’s just stoopid!”

People say that she isn’t slick and well-versed on the latest sound bytes for international policies, foreign trade, financial problems, and other such big issues. So what, that makes her stupid? How do we even know, given that we’ve heard practically nothing of any length in terms of interviews.

Those interviews that have been aired are more like fast quizzes on an American Idol audition show. On the other hand, when Ms. Palin gets a chance to just talk about things in a normal way, it seems to me she’s not only very articulate, she also has a lot of common sense, values, and ideals.

So where’s the foundation for this “joke” idiocy? Isn’t it just empty-headed blather copied mindlessy by dogmatic lemmings from talking points coming out of the DNC? I think so.



  1. […] Punchinello wrote an interesting post today onSarah Palin: Whatâ??s the bJoke/b?Here’s a quick excerptEverywhere I turn I hear radio and TV broadcasters telling me that Governor Palin is a “bjoke/b.” Liberals on forums, in blogs, or in everyday encounters tell me that Sarah Palin is a “bjoke/b.” She’s “dumb,” “stupid,” and so forth. b…/b […]

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  2. I tried to post this, but it didn’t show. I’ll try again.

    I have some serious problems with Palin. For one thing, she has refused to cooperate with Alaskan state lawmakers in the ongoing investigation of her firing the public safety commissioner. That automatically makes anyone reading that be highly suspicious that if she takes that stance, then there is likely damaging information about her that we need to know BEFORE she continues on with her campaign. Blocking the legal process isn’t acceptable. That alone should be enough to write her off.

    Secondly, she has a very limited knowledge of national and international policy. She has been interviewed repeatedly and on multiple occasions was unable to answer even basic questions regarding current political affairs. Much has been made in comparing her experience with Obama. But in this case, Obama actually knows the material inside and out as well as how to accurately discuss details. Palin does not,and that’s the difference. She has little experience or knowledge and is grossly misqualified for the job.

    lastly, whenever I hear someone on the radio talking about her,its almost always some single Mom talking about how much she likes Palin because of her ” family values” or whatever. First of all, those family values have nothing to do with running a country. I’m sure that Vladmir Putin really cares that Palin has 5 kids and is Christian. To add to this, if we’re talking family values, the woman does have 5 kids, yet holds public office while her Husband is a full time worker as well? Sorry, but having that many kids AND holding such a job is irresponsible. Having too many kids is an issue for one thing, but raising them in an environment where neither parents are home is another.

    So no- I firmly believe that Mrs Palin is not cut out for the job at all. Many Americans on both sides and both parties are also starting to agree, and in my opinion it will probably cost Mr. Mccain the election.

    Comment by bob — October 2, 2008 @ 1:17 pm | Reply

  3. Note that comments are moderated, to avoid spam. I saw that you commented twice, not realizing the moderation, so only put up one of them (no sense in being redundant). All commentary is fine, insofar as it’s an actual comment. I don’t censor things, or only post favorable and agreeable comments.

    Comment by Punchinello — October 2, 2008 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

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