Punchinello’s Chronicles

September 27, 2008

Who Really Owns Honda?

So what’s the deal with the One World Government? Is it really a horrible conspiracy designed to destroy America, our freedom, and chocolate chip cookies worldwide? And how about it taking a village to raise the neighbors…wait…it takes a village to something or other, I forget. Anyway, Hillary Clinton wrote Very Important Things about villages.

Do we really have America and Japan, Germany and China, and all the other industrialized countries owning this and that? What about Honda? Should I call that American Honda Motor Corporation? That’s the copyright notice in the Official Honda Web site, y’know.

Ask people who owns Honda, and they’ll just shrug and tell you the Japanese. Of course. It’s obvious.

Fine; but how many cars does Honda sell to America and overseas, outside of Japan? How much stock in the company is owned by Japanese citizens? What if we shut down all American manufacturing plants and companies associated with Honda automobiles. How many Japanese workers versus American workers would be out of a job?

This global economy thing is really interesting, when you start to study it all. Back two hundred years ago, if you lived in Chicago, you were in a different world entirely from New York. You lived and worked in the Chicago economy, and that had almost nothing to do with the New York economy.

Then came transportation changes, communications, the industrial revolution, the electric revolution, and presto! We now live in the American economy. It doesn’t matter diddley squat if you live in Chicago or New York, you work in America. Sort of.

Suppose you work for Bank of America, is THAT an American company? What about ocean-going ships, flying a flag of national registry? Do you suppose Panama really owns all those boats? And how about incorporation laws: do you really believe the state of Delaware has THAT many companies?

We really ought to rethink the knee-jerk reactions to saying “no” to a global economy. That’s like saying we don’t want to buy anything that wasn’t built within a 100 mile radius of where we live. Forget about coffee and tea, sugar and fresh veggies. Okay, maybe we could live on chocolate chip cookies, I suppose. I’d be willing to give it a shot.

No individual and no cabal of “greedy capitalist pigs” creates an economy. ALL of us go out and make stuff, buy stuff, work, play, eat, sleep, and have fun. It’s only when we take everyone and all the actions combined that we need some word to describe the whole thing. That’s an “economy.” The global economy means that we have more stores, more options, more stuff, more workers, more money, more everything to choose from.

So the bottom line is that we can either be involved with the rest of the world, or stay home. Africa’s a good example of staying home. Would you trade your apartment or house for a mud shack?


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