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September 24, 2008

Daley says They’ve Made Enough Money!

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Okay, I understand that these days, when a sports team wins a series the fans believe they have a right to riot in the streets. Somehow this is “fun,” apparently. I also understand that drunken morons are usually most responsible for this type of fun. Then too, when TV cameras are around, that just increases the fun. “Woo Hoo,” as they say! (Circling index finger half-heartedly in the air next to my ear.)

In a hopeless proposition to limit the damage caused by Cubs fans potentially having riotous fun, Chicago’s Mayor Daley wants to turn off the booze during the 7th and 8th innings at baseball games. But not only at Wrigley Field! He wants to include the surrounding neighborhood bars.

“This is about the Cubs. This is about where they worked so hard all year to get to. This is not about a lot of fans and a lot of drinking. We don’t want to see any incident outside, because if there is, that whole area will be voted dry tomorrow. Those citizens will get together and say, ‘I’m gonna vote every precinct dry. I’ll even vote Cubs Field dry,” Daley said. — Chicago Sun Times 9/23/08

What’s interesting is that Daley went on to talk about how an hour or so of banned alcohol really won’t matter much (emphasis mine):

Bar owners reacted angrily, arguing that customers who don’t get served will get up and leave and never come back. Daley was not sympathetic.

“Then I’ll have someone buy their place tomorrow. It’s not gonna cost ’em any business. They made enough money all year. I’m sorry. We’re just talking about common sense. That’s all this is. Because I’ll tell you one thing — if that community sees something they don’t like, they will not have a bar. They will not have a liquor license. They will vote it completely dry.”

Say what? “Made enough money?” How come we don’t get to tell ANY politician that they’ve made enough money this year? What about Washington, not to mention the state government, then the city governments?

Chicago recently voted in the hightest sales tax in the country. How come nobody got to say that the city already made enough money that year! Why can’t we put a ban on all government spending for the 7th and 8th month of each year?

What happened to arresting people who riot, break things, are drunk and disorderly and so forth? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to impose a $1,000 fine and/or some jail time for anyone arrested for that kind of behavior? Maybe double it if the arrest takes place on the day of a ball game?

How is it that government always believes that adding new regulations is better than enforcing existing regulations or laws?


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