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September 11, 2008

Stupidity and Inconsideration

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When you’re ignorant, you have a gap in your knowledge system. You can learn something, fill in that gap, and no longer be ignorant. But when you’re stupid, you have a poorly designed learning system. It’s not easy to fix the knowledge system so you tend to remain stupid.

I’ve noticed a lot of stupid people in the ghetto, so the question is how can you tell when someone is stupid? We’re not allowed to use IQ tests much, anymore, and everyone’s equal according to modern laws. Why not sweep through the ghetto and use anyone who’s standing around as a commercial airline pilot? That’d be a way to fix the jobless situation, right?

There’s another thing I’ve noticed, and that’s a way to know how much freedom you have in life. It seems to me that your control over silence is a direct indicator of how much freedom you have. One nice definition of freedom is that it’s the ability to do whatever you’d like and not have to worry about how you’ll pay for it. “Paying for it” could mean money, or it could be your conscience and a moral system of guilt.

Okay, so maybe we can take a look at silence and noise to figure out who’s stupid? Every night, and pretty much every day, around here, there are people who drive up to the apartment building(s) to pick up a friend. They sit out there and blast away with their car horn, hoping that their friend may hear them and come on down. It could be at 7:00 in the morning, 4:00 in the morning, or 5:00 in the afternoon; who cares?

Is that stupid, or it just inconsiderate? And how about driving through the complex at 3am with some sort of rap music blasting away loud enough to be heard in the next town? That, I believe, is an issue of pride. The person in the car is so ever-lovin’ proud of their music they want everyone to admire them. Are they being inconsiderate?

The basis for any sort of consideration means first understanding that anyone at all is alive in the surrounding area. It then means understanding that those other animated bodies might have some sort of life, desires, hopes, dreams, wishes, and possibly would like to sleep every so often. One option is to say that all these morons are trapped in a psychopathology of narcissim.

I think they’re just stupid.

Is this a chicken and an egg thing, where being stupid naturally leads to being poor? “Hey, if you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” Ever hear that? The other side is, “Well, you’re poor so you must be stupid!” I dunno, I’m not buying it. I think stupid people often end up poor, but not all poor people are stupid.

The other thing is whether or not people can learn consideration when they’re older than 10 years old. I doubt it; I think the way you grow up as a child pretty much forms your concept of what it means to be considerate of people around you. Watching the way kids run wild around here, I’m thinking that teaching manners and etiquette aren’t high priorities.


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