Punchinello’s Chronicles

September 6, 2008

If You’re Not Rich, You Must Be An Idiot!

We’ve all heard the old saying, “If you’re so smart, how come you’re not rich?” The obvious implication is that anyone who’s smart must also be rich. Okay, but what about people who want something different from life?

It seems we’ve reached the point where the only measure of credibility now is your credit rating. What about people who are smart and choose to have no consumer or credit debt? What about anyone who pays for things in cash, using their savings accounts and investments?

Do we automatically assume anyone without a credit rating is stupid? Apparently so. Modern day pragmatism seems defined by the idea that if something isn’t personally useful, or someone can’t see how it’s useful, then it’s pointless. Following with that, anything that has no use and serves no purpose is meaningless.

Therefore, anyone who claims that something “obviously useless” does indeed have a use, must be insane. “Everyone” knows that we all want money, it’s not even arguable these days. Without money, you’re useless, can’t do anything, can’t go anywhere, and serve no purpose. Ergo, you must be an idiot.

I wonder how many stay-at-home moms and housewives would agree? Oh…wait…that’s the entire focus of modern day feminism, isn’t it!


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