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September 1, 2008

No More Gas Problems

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Well, thank goodness the summer’s over and gasoline prices have dropped below $4 at the pumps! At least THAT problem’s been solved! Now we can all breath a sigh of relief, since life’s gone back to normal. Gas goes up nearly two dollars, then drops back one dollar, and we’re happy. Who remembers that at the end of the day, fuel is going up a dollar a year? Apparently, nobody.

I predict that by the summer of 2009, a year from now, gasoline will go to $5 per gallon, and people will be shocked, stunned, and amazed!

Every year we see gas prices go up, everyone freaks out, and nobody does a damn thing about it. Steve Forbes and others have said that the “limit” for American drivers is $5/gallon. At that point, we’ll supposedly get really upset, fed up, and bent out of shape. That’ll likely happen next year, so we’ll see just how much action will happen.

Seems to me the that modern-day attention span is about a minute and a half. If something hurts our feelings right this moment, then it’s a crisis. If it stays that way for a few days, it’s important. Then, when everything goes down in a relative way, we all feel much better and go on about our business. I wonder what’ll happen when gas gets to $10 per gallon?


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