Punchinello’s Chronicles

September 1, 2008

It’s for the Children!

Chicago is dealing with yet another bit of idiocy, where the Pastor Larry Trotter, in cahoots with Illinois Senator James Meeks (D) have decided to boycott the first day of school. At issue is the belief that property taxes are not a fair way to fund public schools. We can ignore, for the moment, all the other funding that comes in to schools, and mindlessly follow along with the belief system.

The problem is that wealthier communities have computers, labs, libraries, goodies, and everything else, while the poorer, inner-city communities, in this case a South Side neighborhood, have nothing. To immediately solve the problem, Pastor Trotter wants to take all the students he can gather around him, and drive up to an example wealthy community for something. What? Nobody really knows, except that somehow this will improve someone’s life.

Obviously, nobody has ever succeeded in the United States (or anywhere else in the world) unless they were rich. That seems to be the jist and jest of this lunacy. And we should keep in mind that the drop-out rate in these troubled schools is a fact of nature, having nothing whatsoever to do with parents or student self-interests.

“If schools in Winnetka and other areas can have state-of-the-art computer labs, then we ought to have the same thing in Chicago,” Trotter said, to loud applause and shouts of “amen.” “Unless we be the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, we will continue to be cheapened by less education.” — Chicago Tribune, 8-31-08

Who says anyone “ought to have” what someone else paid for? Where is it written that people who care about educating their own children should be made to care about educating the entire planet? How come the parents who jump up and down about their kids skipping school for a day aren’t ponying up the money to improve their own schools? I certainly don’t know.

On the other hand, we all now know the name of Pastor Trotter, and Sen. Meeks gets his name in the paper again. I wonder why they don’t list the names of all the students taking this one-day vacation? Isn’t it about publicity, after all? And where is God in all this? Why doesn’t He miraculously cause it to be that the schools in question simply manifest state-of-the-art computers?

And what’s with the “Unless we be the…”? How about we spend some time on English grammar, before vacationing for a day in those other school systems.


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